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Hazelcombe Farm is for us Country. We belong to it, not the other way around. It is taking us on a journey of learning and personal growth, which will only end the day we die. Purchased years ago as a rural retreat, we now realise that we are not owners, but custodians. We want to turn this farm into an intentional community where we all work on restricting the mine-ness and developing a strong sense of our-ness and an interconnectedness with all that lives and breathes, even with all that does not live and breathe. Our dream – to recreate the Garden of Eden in this tiny pocket of the Earth, and to encourage others to do the same, wherever they may be. Read more

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Hello, I’m sorry but I don’t know your name. I bought the rumtopf with the grape motif at the Mudgee Small Field Day.

You should smell what’s brewing in there. I’ve added strawberries, pineapple pieces, cinnamon stick, cloves, star anise and orange peel plus 1 1/2 bottles of dark rum and the sugar. It smells amazing. I’ve dipped my finger into it and it tastes amazing, too. It’s going to sit there until November, for my partner’s birthday.

I’m absolutely thrilled that I found you and the rumtopf.

Best wishes,

Happy Rumtopf Owner

The pot arrived late last week. It’s the right size for us, and very solid and beautiful!!! I’ve put in a Chinese cabbage to make Szechuan pickles. The recipe is similar to German Sauerkraut, except I didn’t cut them fine. Hope the first batch will turn out nicely… Thanks again!

Szechuan pickles Xinyu

Just thought I’d let you know, the replacement pot arrived safely. Thanks so much for replacing it and for all your communication and effort to keep things on the elevated level they started out on. Hope all is bright in life for you both and your business keeps flourishing and growing.

Replacement crockpot arrived safely Donnamarie

Thank you for promptly dispatching our order. Extremely grateful, as I could not obtain one before anywhere (for a reasonable price).

Now we can indulge in our European traditions better. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into a Pork Knuckle, Sauerkraut and Bread dumplings. Heaven on Earth.

Thanks again – will look at your other products soon.

Proud owner of crockpot Maggie

I received my new scythe this evening! I was extremely impressed by the whole experience so far. I simply enjoyed the home-made dvd, the speed in which I received the package in the mail, and the feel of the scythe. I feel very charmed! I will wake tomorrow morning, head to the orchard, and enjoy the delights in opening up some light and making some hay.

Charmed scythe owner Nathan

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