A Scythe is Made

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Schroeckenfux now has a new video on how their scythes are made … Key points from the doco for those who don’t speak German: Schroeckenfux manufacture about 1,000 scythe blades a day It takes 5 years to become a scythe smith The big machinery means the smiths don’t have to hammer as hard, but it […]

Caring for Your Fermenting Stones

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When you buy a fermenting crockpot from us, you also get two fermenting stones, otherwise known as weights. Their function is to hold the food to be fermented under the fermenting liquid. Cleaning Your Fermenting Stones Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, the stones you use to weigh down the cabbage go mouldy. Here […]

Sustainable Living Weekend Autumn 2017

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Another Sustainable Living Weekend is behind us. As usual, we finished it exhausted, yet energised and inspired. When you get a group of people together who share similar philosophies and dreams, the result is spectacular. Energy, friendship, creativity, industriousness, curiosity, adventurous spirits, and a whole heap of fun and laughter. For those few days, we […]