Scythe Snaths

The handle of a scythe is called a snath. Everyone used to make their own snaths so therefore they were the right height for the individual. Some people still do and if you have access to good quality tool handle wood, we’d suggest you have a go. However, for most people, it is easier to buy a snath that provides a range of adjustments and move the grips until the snath fits you comfortably.

We sell 4 different sizes of the Schroeckenfux adjustable wooden snaths, for mowers, both children and adults, ranging from under 160 cm (5 ft 3 in) to 200 cm (6 ft 7 in). The snaths are made of European Ash. Each snath comes with a blade attachment ring, an upper and a lower ergonomic grip, a snath protector, and an Allen key for securing the blade to the snath.

Which size snath to choose
• If you are shorter than about 160 cm (5 ft 3 in), choose the Short snath
• If you are between 158 cm to 176 cm (5 ft 9 in) tall, choose the Standard snath
• If you are between 176 cm and 188 cm (6 ft 2 in) tall, choose the Long snath
• If you are between 188 cm to 200 cm (6 ft 7 in) tall, choose the Extra Long snath

This of course creates a dilemma for those who are on the boundaries of these snath sizes. Then it will depend if your personal preference is to use longer or shorter tools. If two of you want to use the scythe, but you are very different in height, then we’d suggest you choose the scythe to be most comfortable for the one who is likely to use it most. You can always get a second snath later on if it becomes a point of contention about who is allowed to use it.

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