Scythe Snaths

The handle of a scythe is called a snath. Everyone used to make their own snaths so therefore they were the right height for the individual. Some people still do and if you have access to good quality tool handle wood, we’d suggest you have a go. However, for most people, it is easier to buy a snath that provides a range of adjustments and move the grips until the snath fits you comfortably.

We sell both metal and wooden snaths. The metal ones are our workhorses. They are suitable for scything and very hard wearing. The wooden ones, which we sell in 4 different sizes depending on the height of the mower, are delightful to use and are much more similar to the traditional snath. However, as there is a large component of hand work in the production of these snaths, they are also much more expensive than the metal ones.

All snaths come with a blade attachment ring and an Allen key for attaching the blade to the snath.

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