Blackberry scythe

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The Blackberry Scythe, also known as the Posthorn Scythe, is our heaviest duty scythe. We needed a scythe that could be used for cutting blackberry canes and lantana. Here you have two options – the scythe blade to cut most of the blackberry canes and the hook at the back for the more stubborn ones. You can also use the hook or the blade to drag the canes out of the thicket, once cut. Due to the heavy work this blade is capable of doing, we recommend that it is only used with the metal snath as we don’t believe the wooden snath will take the beating over the long haul. This scythe consists of the blackberry blade, the hook and the metal snath. The grips on the metal snath can be moved up and down the snath to adjust for mowers of different heights.

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Dimensions 156 × 20 × 12 cm


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