If you’re turning compost or collecting the grass you’ve scythed or woodchips that have been left by the side of the road by the tree loppers or moving gravel, you’ll need a fork. And having the right fork makes all the difference to the effort and time required for the job. Our forks are sturdy, reliable tools, forged at the Falci factory in Italy.

The gravel fork is our heaviest duty and heaviest fork. But if you are wanting to move ballast or gravel, you can’t go past this fork. The prongs have flattened ends so they aren’t bent when you spear it into gravel. This also helps when you are moving piles of woodchip. The weight of this tool is both an advantage and disadvantage. Due to its very sturdy construction it can move gravel without being damaged. None of the other tools on our farm can do such a good job. But most women or older people generally can’t use this tool for long because it does take strength.

Jobs the 8 pronged fork is good at:

  • collecting gravel
  • collecting ballast
  • turning large amounts of quite decomposed compost in one lift
  • collecting mown grass
  • collecting even finer woodchips than what the 6 pronged fork can easily collect

Jobs the 8 pronged fork is not good at:

  • long continuous use by someone who isn’t very strong
  • collecting vegetative material at the beginning or in early stages of decomposition – gets caught in the tangles

Note: All of our forks come without handles. This means they can be sent via Australia Post. Handles are available locally for sale in most good hardware stores. We find that a good long hoe handle works well. You will have to fit the handle yourself, but it is a skill that can be learned fairly quickly with patience. The fork itself will last a long time, but wooden handles often have to be replaced after several years (less frequently if you keep your handles oiled) so learning to fit a handle is an investment for the future.

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 25.5 × 50 × 13 cm


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