Prandi Hatchet German Style

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The Prandi Hatchet German style is the same design as the Prandi Axe German style, but of course smaller and lighter. A hatchet is an axe scaled down for single hand use. Wherever you use an axe, you can use a hatchet. The job will just take more energy and time. However, a hatchet is much easier to carry than an axe so there are times when you’ll have a hatchet with you while your axe is at home in the shed.

The flared bit (cutting edge) makes it easier to hit the sweet spot when swinging the hatchet. This tool is very useful when you need to make kindling or debark a small log.  The cheeks (blade profile) are more acute therefore the hatchet penetrates sappy or green woods very well.

We have two different hatchet sizes: the 600g hatchet and the 800g hatchet. The weight refers to the weight of the hatchet head. Each blade comes with a hickory handle. Lace made of genuine leather. Rubber blade protector.

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