Scythe, right handed

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This product is for people who wish to mow with a right handed scythe. See our other scythes if you are 100% left handed. As a scythe is a two handed tool, unless you are absolutely determined to have a left handed tool, you would be better to choose a right handed scythe such as this one because only for the right handed scythes, do we have a choice of blades.

Blade Length

For this scythe, you have a choice of 6 different blades. 5 of them are grass blades, which  differ only in length. One of them is a bush blade, which is a heavier duty blade.

Vegie Garden Blade, 40 cm: At 40 cm in length, this Schroeckenfux blade is the smallest grass blade we offer. It is particularly useful for mowing green manure around cultivated plants. We also use it to harvest the spinach we grow in every alternate row in the vegetable patch, or mowing along the fenceline. It is also known as the vineyard blade as it is used to mow around the grape vines.

Trimming Blade, 55 cm: The Schroeckenfux trimming scythe blade is 55 cm long and in scything terms considered a short blade. This blade is particularly useful if mowing in a confined area as it is much easier to maneuver and is more accurate in getting close to obstacles such as tree trunks and fences. This blade is highly recommended for those who would consider the addition of a field blade later, but like to start small.

All Purpose Blade, 65 cm: This Schroeckenfux grass scythe blade is a useful compromise blade, i.e. one with which you can do some trimming work and also mow larger open areas of grass. In a constricted area, you won’t be able to achieve as neat a job as if you chose a shorter blade, and in large open areas, you won’t be able to mow as efficiently, but if you have both jobs to do, and only want to purchase one blade, this is a good middle-of-the-road blade.

Field Blade, 75 cm: This 75 cm Schroeckenfux grass scythe blade is a serious grass-cutting tool, one which could be used to mow acres of grass for hay. If you intend to use your scythe to make hay manually, or even if you have large open areas of lawn to mow, then the field blade will allow you to cut more grass at one stroke with a deeper forward bit into the grass.

Hay Making Blade, 90 cm: At 90 cm, this is the longest blade we offer. It is a blade for serious grass mowing. If you intend to regularly harvest a good sized paddock of hay or grain, this blade might be just what you are after. It is heavier to use than our other blades – not because of the blade itself, but because of the sheer weight of grass you cut and transport with one sweep. If you want to get into competition mowing, you’ll be looking for a long blade like this. Competition mowing is a sport that is starting to take off in Europe.

Bush Blade, 50 cm: This is a thick, heavy duty Schroeckenfux blade, 60 mm wide and about the same gauge as a light billhook. It is capable of cutting most woody plants up to a centimeter in diameter, or bigger, depending on the species. We don’t recommend using it for grass. It is typically used to work in areas where there are small saplings or fruit tree suckers. Care must be taken to keep the blade sharp as heavy use of a blunt blade on tough material could damage the snath.

Snath Length

  • If you are shorter than about 160 cm (5 ft 3 in), choose the Short snath
  • If you are between 158 cm to 176 cm (5 ft 9 in) tall, choose the Standard snath
  • If you are between 176 cm and 188 cm (6 ft 2 in) tall, choose the Long snath
  • If you are between 188 cm to 200 cm (6 ft 7 in) tall, choose the Extra Long snath


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